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    "Every now and then you discover a book that refreshes your soul. This is one of them." Michael Bishop. Principle Consultant, Relate Australia.

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Eva Williams

Distinguishing agitation first and then dealing with it. This is a good mantra for calmness. In fact even lifestyle design has a calming effect as you have complete control over your life and there is little scope for frustrations etc. http://www.timferriss.com/ has great advice on lifestyle design.


I agree Eva, that control over one's life is so importqant in feeling at ease with things. It's a topic I'm thinking about at the moment in the context of coaching/mentoring/helping others. On the one hand there's seeking and finding good advice and on the other there is strengthening 'My Honest Judgement' as Joe Armstrong calls it in his Chapter in Good Question! - which is 'Questions Should Come with a Government Health Warning'- I think I'll be writing more about this so thank you so much for the prompt.And please do comment more :-) Judy

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